Travelling After The Coronavirus

Friday, April 17, 2020

There’s no sugarcoating it. Most of the world is on lock down right now after being hit by the coronavirus pandemic and everyone's mind is filled with thoughts, most commonly, how will the world be functioning once the borders are opened?. It can be hard to see beyond this time of fear and confusion, and it's worth saying that no one knows for sure what exactly lies ahead.

The coronavirus has impacted many businesses, companies shut down, people lost their jobs, the economy began to shake, politics were roaring and of course people for whom travel is essential, its an everyday part of their life are now struggling. Families have been separated, loved ones, everyday travelers, influencers and mostly business individuals who travel everyday to different countries for business meetings, that are an essential part to functioning of their business, have suddenly been stopped.

The immediate future of travelling after the coronavirus, will not only depend on a brand new vaccine becoming available, or different governments and their politics, but also how well the travel industry will convince everyone that people will be safe in their hands. Some people will be too afraid to travel immediately once the borders open, others are waiting impatiently to book their flights and go. But the truth is people will always want to go on vacation and will always want to travel, it may just take a little while to overcome the anxiety and take the first step.

Certainly travelling after the pandemic will be done with precaution and different safety measurements will be taken during the first weeks if not months. None of us want to spread the virus further or create a second wave that could hit and impact more people.

Apart from physical safety measurements including, disinfection, keeping distances or safety wear, its crucial to remain sane and maintain good psychological health. Instead of worrying and filling our minds with negative thoughts its important to stay positive and focus more on preparing for the future, on possibilities that lay ahead.

Our team at Lux Estate Capital Group wishes everyone health and safety during this on-going situation, and we look forward to welcoming you in Marbella as soon as it will be sensible, safe and of course possible.

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Friday, April 17, 2020