Entrepreneurs Say You Don't Need A College Degree To Be Successful

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Elon Musk

Elon has been asked what he thinks about school and whether its an essential part of life and becoming successful. His response was quite simple, "There's no need even to have a college degree at all, or even high school'' in fact ''college is basically for fun but not for learning''. Musk said that all individuals applying to work with him in Tesla, won't even be asked one question about their college degree, in fact they will be asked questions about a difficult problem they've solved in their life and Elon will ask complicated questions about the topic to make sure its their real experience and not made up. Elon believes that even if individuals have graduated from a great university, of course it may be an indication that they're capable of great things but not necessarily. Musk says that he looks for ''evidence of exceptional ability'' in an employee not a piece of paper that can mean nothing. To be fair, if you look at entrepreneurs including Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, these guys didn't graduate from college, and if you had the chance to hire them, of course you would.

Gary Vaynerchuk

One of the most known entrepreneurs, social media marketers and best selling authors, Gary Vaynerchuk speaks out once again on the topic of school. He says he remembers a day he failed a test in fourth grade, and had to get it signed by his mom. That day Gary said something important that changed his life, ''Forget school. I'm a businessman''. Today Gary being as successful as he is says he believes that the college ''brand'' will eventually collapse. We were all thought to go to school, finish college, get a degree (of course drown in an enormous college debt), then get a job and work our whole life for a wage. If you want to go to a job, there are many businesses that accept employees and don't require a degree anymore, '' Its rare to actually need a degree these days''. These companies include Google, Apple and more. Some people prefer to live life the simple way, the normal way that was thought decade by decade. Well time and people have shown that there is a completely different way to live your life - become an entrepreneur.

Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry, Founder and CEO of Ferry International is ranked the #1 Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200 and the best-selling author of “Life! By Design” and “Mindset, Model and Marketing!” Tom expressed his opinion about the need of going to college and getting a degree, it simply was ''I feel bad for more than half of the young people in college today''. Ferry believes that there is many other ways to obtain knowledge and learn skills, than paying ''tens or hundreds of dollars'' to get a degree that in these days will only give you a piece of paper that doesn't even guarantee you a secure job. One of the best thing Tom said was ''That time would be much better spent experiencing life and seeking mentors in search of your passion'' and I couldn't agree more. Life has so much to offer and ''there's unlimited information at your fingertips'', everybody would be better of experiencing life, attending seminars, networking events, watching videos on youtube and gathering knowledge from different sources to truly become successful.

Warren Buffett

Billionaire, Warren Buffett, third richest person in the world says ''I don't even think it's important that every person go to college at all''. What could be even more direct than that? Buffett says that it depends more on the person than a school, on how advanced their education will be. Going to school isn't for everyone, some people will learn daily and get the most from their school and others will get out very little. Also the fact that its a big commitment to take out those 3 or 4 years, take out loans if need be and in the end maybe not get anything from that, except debt. There are much better ways and free, that can give you more ways to gain knowledge, and knowledge that is essential for your path and career. Warren Buffett has given life changing advice to students, and those who need to hear it “investing in yourself is the best thing you can do — anything that improves your own talents.” With this being said, everyone will understand it in their own way, whats most important is to use this advice in a way that will make you as successful as you can be in anything you're doing.

Looking at the few successful entrepreneurs mentioned above, they have spent their lives learning and improving their knowledge without every having a college degree. Overcoming problems and learning from mistakes was a big part of the process. We're here to save you all the time they've spent and mistakes made, by teaching you from our own experience and knowledge about this business. We have refined our business model to perfection and now you can start your journey with Real Estate and Investing by becoming our Member and joining our Private Investment Club. Not only will you gain extensive knowledge about real estate and our business, but you will also be able to grow your wealth and create financial stability in your life.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020